copywriter + content creator for small businesses, ethical companies, one-woman shows, nonprofits & anyone else looking to make a difference with their work.

"I love the resume and web copy Angela wrote for me. She uncovered my story, played to my strengths, and found a fresh, engaging way to share it with clients—all in my unique voice."

—Jessica Flagel, Photographer

"Angela is a talent like no other. Her professionalism, creativity and uncanny ability to turn stories and missions into written gold always made me confident she could serve clients well and execute projects beyond expectation. She's always such a pleasure to work with."

—Crista Funk, Director of Marketing, owner of Funk Digital Media

"Angela’s ability to truly hear what I want to say, and shape the words into something far more concise and beautiful, is what brings me back to her for all my writing projects. We dive into the strategy behind the copy so each word has a purpose in conveying my unique story, and our collaborations celebrate how Angela’s strengths complement my own."

—Amelia Damplo, Videographer